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What We do.

Bettymedia™ is an independent, full-service design & consulting studio. We design and develop for user experience (UX/UI), responsive websites, branding, film/commercials, advertising, print, email marketing, & social media.

We serve a diverse range of clients and projects, from financial investment and real estate firms, to non-profits and entertainment.

With each project, we take a client-focused approach and use design and technology to solve your most critical problems. We start by getting to know you and your organization. Your goals, conversion points, and inspiration drive the design of the project and technical solution that we build with you, together.

Our growth has been driven almost exclusively by the referrals and recommendations of our wonderful clients.

We take great pride in the quality we provide to our clients and Bettymedia™ is here to build a long term relationship with you and make sure we're using design and technology to achieve your goals.

Team Locations


Our team
of specialists.

We are a small team of advertising and marketing specialists with a background in the arts – painters, designers, developers, creative writers and brand strategists.

Our remote team works with a network of leading photographers, illustrators, cinematographers, sound engineers and stylists to ensure our clients can access a range of talent through a single agency.

Where we operate.

We deliver bespoke design and communication projects to businesses in a number of US regions, including New York, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Austin.

Elle Says Welcome


Ask Elle,
our A.i. Intern

Meet Elle, our wise little helper and office Artificial Intelligence at Bettymedia™. Elle provides answers to questions and monitor developments throughout the day.

When ask direct questions...

“What time is it in San Diego, California?”

“Where can I find the nearest 5 star sushi restaurant to take a client?”

Elle finds the answers. Elle is an example of how artificial intelligence can be used to improve our day-to-day without wasting time searching through Google and “ooh new Assassin’s Creed movie trailer”– not get distracted.

Elle is still a working progress and will continue to improve overtime.

Let's Create & Build Together

collaborate & Partner up

Partner with Bettymedia™

Our Partnership Approach
We provide full service design and consultation support to other agencies and companies including marketing, PR and web design companies, branding agencies, developers and other creative studios. We welcome relationships as these agency partnerships allows us to focus on what we do best, creating awesome designs, while you concentrate on your strengths. This approach has allowed us to work with truly incredible people.

Working With Clients
We are constantly receiving project requests through agency partnerships and clients. Each agency is unique and we recognize how to meet every clients needs. We offer our design services either dealing directly with your client, through your agency or company, always keeping you up to date with the progress, or we can work through your project manager and you deal with the client. In our experience, working directly with your client means the production time can be shorter because there is direct communication.

Here are some of the happy clients and brands we've worked with:

Bettymedia Clients


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Let's create and build together.

It’s been great collaborating with clients and businesses around the world, from New York to LA, Dublin to London, Singapore to India. Let's collaborate, create and inspire.

Digital Experience: Web Responsive Design, User Interface, (UI) Mobile Design, Web Application/Portal, Motion Design, Video Production
e-Marketing Strategy: Responsive HTML Email, Online Advertisements, Banner Ads, Social Media
Web Maintenance: Content Updates, Manage Hosting, & Analytics
brand building: Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads, Brochures, Annual Reports, Books & Magazines

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If you have an interesting project, an RFP, or just need some help, reach out to us and will get back to you as soon as possible. We’re available. We also teach, lecture, give workshops, and love sharing knowledge, and we’ll literally go anywhere!
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