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UX design for your business need.

The future of UX / UI is complex, and our clients rely on us to help them simplify it. We design websites, applications, and digital products that build modern brands and form authentic relationships. User experience is more than a design capability; it is a strategic offering that brings together data-driven insights, cultural behavior, brand and user objectives, technology, and creative vision. Our UX approach is based on this principle: experiences that people enjoy form the strongest connections between a brand and its audience. Our process always starts with our user, and through strategic design we craft systems that surprise and delight while providing deeper relevance and greater value.

Let us be your in-house design team.

You will get all of the necessary design work from experienced professionals working as a part of your product team. Daily check-ups, hourly reports, cloud based interactions — you have full "flight control" of UX services provided by Bettymedia™ design studio for your design. Even if you have an in-house designer, that person usually can't give the required attention to like UX services because of routine overload. As your outsourced innovation lab, our design studio can provide research, UX strategy, and "design thinking" to make your digital company frictionless. Bettymedia™ can deliver cutting edge user interface based on your design guidelines. We are not only helping to create user experience design, but also driving your current in-house team to adopt the best practice of a user-centered approach. Our commitment to long-term cooperation ensures you will get the deliverables you need in the way that works best for your company success.


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The Future is Here.

This probably isn’t the first article you’ve seen mentioning cryptocurrency; Bitcoin has been all over the news lately, attracting a lot of attention to the cryptocurrency industry in general, and causing some serious FOMO for investors showing up late to the party.


/ Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Need a cutting-edge design for your new venture?

CryptoCurrency and Blockchains are groundbreaking technologies, ones that will change the future of how we process & store information, transactions, and private data. Though this new market is driven by great developers with unique ideas & applications, unfortunately, in its current state the industry noticeably lacks visual creativity, and in specific cases even design standards & ethics. Good design is good business.

We at Bettymedia™ believe a key component to the successful future of new coins, tokens, & technologies, is developing a visually aesthetic brand. Our team is not only filled with talented creative minds, but also are supporters and participaters in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. We are major cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Some of us even trade daily. This gives us not only the creative experience, but also the knowledge & familiarity with this industry you can't get at other design studios.

According to design reports, there have been a 450% increase in cryptocurrency design projects in just the last few years. As cryptocurrencies and blockchain only exist in a virtual space, it’s clear that entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency world need to focus on design to represent what they do. The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is just starting to take off. We are educated in the industry ourselves. We accept bitcoin, and know the trends for you to hit the jackpot.

Why Now?

Bitcoin’s been around for years, so why is it so popular in 2018? A few months ago, August 1, 2017, Bitcoin forked to create Bitcoin Cash, allowing the original Bitcoin holders to “cash in.” This move strategically coincided with a change in the bitcoin code, BIP 148, which in theory improves its reliability.

All the publicity from Bitcoin’s big 2017 move is drawing attention to other cryptocurrencies—especially among people who believe they missed out on the “free money” by passing on Bitcoin when it was first introduced years ago. This has launched a new wave of investors hoping to get in on the next Bitcoin before the upswing. On our platform alone, we’ve seen a whopping 458% increase in design projects with the terms “cryptocurrency” in the title since 2015.

Of course, the immediate rise of cryptocurrencies is part of a general increase of interest in alternative banking options. The pull away from traditional banking is fueled by both technological advancements and the preferences of Millennials, who, according to a FICO report, “are more likely to consider non-traditional payment companies” because “they see value in the convenience, mobile support and ease of use.”

What you need to know for branding

The biggest branding trend for cryptocurrencies has been to take the traditional design themes for banking and financial services, and add a dash of futurism. We’ve seen designers take this trend in a lot of interesting directions by playing with a few key elements: Futurism: symbols evoking space, robotics, electronics Grids and angular designs The color blue (a staple for financial services because it denotes trust) When branding for cryptocurrencies, the key is to balance the traditional trust, gravitas and professionalism themes of other financial industries, while conjuring the cutting-edge nature of the industry and the feeling of excitement that comes with a high-growth investment.


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Let's create and build together.

It’s been great collaborating with clients and businesses around the world, from New York to LA, Dublin to London, Singapore to India. Let's collaborate, create and inspire.

Digital Experience: Web Responsive Design, User Interface, (UI) Mobile Design, Web Application/Portal, Motion Design, Video Production
e-Marketing Strategy: Responsive HTML Email, Online Advertisements, Banner Ads, Social Media
Web Maintenance: Content Updates, Manage Hosting, & Analytics
brand building: Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads, Brochures, Annual Reports, Books & Magazines

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