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Ux Ai: User Experience Artificial Intelligence

Bettinna Justinien at Bettymedia


My name is Bettinna (two t’s and two n’s), everyone refers to me by that name. Bettymedia™ is named after my legal name Betty. I’m a Canadian Multi-disciplinary Designer based in New York. I design & provide consultancy for UX/UI, web, mobile, branding, advertising, print & other fun stuff. Having had a background in finance prior to designing, I'm able to see and understand business needs and objectives by providing effective creative solutions to small and large businesses in all sectors.

Take a look at my pdf portfolio while I continue to build the site. Feel free to contact me any time if you have a project you would like me to look over and design for you. Thanks!

In the meantime, please view PDF Portfolio while I work on the site. Thanks! ☺
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